Install Warband Mod for Steam and Non-Steam Users

// May 2nd, 2010 // Mods

This guide will show you how to install a Mount and Blade: Warband Mod for Steam and non-Steam users.

1. Download the mod you want to install.

Remember where you downloaded the file.

Sample mod: Invasion Mod Forum post with download link

2. Extract the files.

Using a file extractor such as 7-Zip (Download 7-Zip file extractor), right-click the file and choose ‘Extract Here’, or open it with your extraction program and extract that way.

3. Copy extracted files to Warband’s Modules folder.

For Steam users:

C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/mountblade warband/Modules, or
C:/Program Files/Steam/steamapps/common/mountblade warband/Modules

For non-Steam users:

C:/Program Files/Mount and Blade Warband/Modules, or
C:/Program Files/TaleWorlds/Mount and Blade Warband/Modules

4. Start Mount and Blade: Warband and check the Modules drop-down box for the mod you installed.

5. Play!

If you get stuck, post a comment and someone will help you out. Happy slashing!

107 Responses to “Install Warband Mod for Steam and Non-Steam Users”

  1. jaimy says:

    when i start A mod it doesnt fine CommonRescostume_a.brf
    what doest that mean and how do i fix it, in Native Module it works fine
    i am redownloading M7B right now

    • viperior says:

      Someone was having a similar error earlier, except the error stated it could not find a texture file. The problem seemed to be that when he extracted the .rar file, not all the files were extracted. Try deleting the mod, re-extract the files, and copy the fresh files to your Modules folder.

  2. TheImpulseHQ says:

    When i download mods and put them into my modules folder, there is no native and when i put the mods in there they dont appear on the drop down list

    The First mod i downloaded Diplomacy installed iteself, but the others wont work

    • viperior says:

      The Modules folder used by Warband should always contain the Native folder.

      You may be looking at a folder named similarly but which is not the true Modules folder. I believe there is such a folder in the Steam folder, but it is used for something different (modding certain games through Steam, I think).

      The video at 2:30 shows the full path to the Modules folder you need.

      Can you send a screenshot of the folder you are looking at? I sent you my email a couple minutes ago.

      We shall get to the bottom of this ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Person says:

      i’m having the same problem

  3. PleaseHelp says:

    i am trying to install RAR files to mod mmy game, however i can not find the actual module file that has native folder in it as well. I have Windows XP and i used Impulse to download Warband. I went to my program files, found a file that says ‘Module” but there is no Native folder it just say Diplomacy. Please Help, i am driving myself crazy trying to figure this out!

  4. SirSamuelin says:

    How are you supposed to install a texture mod? I copied and pasted the textures and resources to the correct folders, but since am talking about a texture mod, how are you supposed to activate it, or how are you supposed to make the new items appear in the game?
    plz someone answer.

    • viperior says:

      I would think that the textures would show up as soon as you launch the mod they are applied to. I don’t think a texture mod is chosen from a dropdown box like a full mod. I’m not sure though, as I’ve only added custom banners before.

  5. kaan says:

    i do exactly the same thing all right but my mods doesnt show up anyway, could somebody help me plz?

    • viperior says:

      @kaan @PleaseHelp

      Make sure your that when you extract the mod it doesn’t create multiple folders within folders. In other words, when you double-click on the mod’s folder, it should show a list of several folders and files. If it instead shows another folder named after the mod, then double folders were created.

      The easiest way to install it correctly is to move the .rar or .zip containing the mod into the Modules folder, then right-click, and select “Extract here”. Or you can open the .rar/.zip and look for an option “Extract here.”

      Hopefully that is the solution to your problem. If you provide some more details, I would be happy to help.

  6. Kacpi says:

    hey i dont eaven have the folders ๐Ÿ™ i am steam user and i cant find neader of this two C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/mountblade warband/Modules, or
    C:/Program Files/Steam/steamapps/common/mountblade warband/Modules please help if you are able to

  7. Dustin says:

    i need help installing the mod called Imperium Graecorum.

  8. Sonny says:

    I’ve watched your videos, read through taleworlds forum, checked out nights and nights of information on mod installing and i’m stuck in a rut. i never wanted to ask because the information all seems so “barny style” but i just can’t play any of the mods i download. i follow your youtube video to the T…..a dozen times over. the only one that was a success was tweakmb. would that be stopping all the others? i just want native, single player, small mods like troops, banners, companions……but i can’t. any patient help would be appreciated.

  9. Chew says:

    hi there, ive managed to get 4 mods onto the splash screen so i can choose which version of mount and blade i want to play

    but when i select a mod and the game starts to load, i get past the video to the load screen with 2 horsemen. then it says theres a missing texture file or something similar and turns of the game

    tried 4 diff mods and have similar problem with all of them, but i can still play native. I doubt there was a DL or extraction error on all 4 mods, any suggestions?

    • Peter says:

      I have the same problem. Canยดt play mods and native is too boring.

      Haaaaalp! ๐Ÿ™

    • Ethan says:

      im having the same problem as well but i haven’t tried any other mods ‘to fix this, can you tell me what mods you tried?

    • Ewan says:

      Hi, I’ve downloaded many mods over my M&B carreer and I’m just interested to know how you are Unzipping these files and transporting them to your Modules, I use WinRar for my mods and I usually get the Mod already in one pack or I just create it and add it to my Folder, the Unzip might be the problem

  10. Jill R says:

    We are having a similar problem to Chew. It processes the INI file, then a few other errors pop up but scroll so quickly that I cannot read them. It references “kingdom” and then errors out on “costume.brf” or something like that. Thank you!

  11. antso says:

    THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH this really helped! ๐Ÿ™‚ really good info and video.

    best of luck ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Emil says:

    I downloaded the Musket Battalion mod it uses it’s own installer but i get an error tree_map_a when i try to play the campaign. Dont know what to do. i downloaded it and installed it again that diden’t work.

    • Ewan says:

      Hey, You may find that generally some mods just haven’t been well made enough or had enough time and effort into it to actually function, I’ve played some mods where every time you engage in a fight with a specific unit it crashes the game, I’d advise trying out well known popular mods and see then

  13. Landin says:

    Sometimes the mods work somtimes they dont but usually theyll pop up once im selecting which mod 2 play then i will select it will load it a bit then it will say cont open some file help?

  14. Spark says:

    Ok this is really getting fustrated when ever i download a fawking Mod and try Extracting it says Can not Open Files

  15. Mart says:

    @Spark the same thing Happens i tried everything!

  16. Maverickov says:

    I open๏ปฟ the game, and select the module, it normally loads, and then suddenly crashes and gives me the error: “Unable to open file: CommonRes\weapon_meshes_e.brf”ยญ, did I do something wrong?

  17. Dave says:

    ive installed Brytenwalda, but its an “auto download” where is installs the files on its own, i just mark the path. i run setup, says its insatled, but nothing… in the modules folder or the drop down… please help!!

  18. Benny says:

    i have warband on steam but i dont have any files under it. it doesnt show C:/Program Files/Mount and Blade Warband/Modules or
    C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/mountblade warband/Modules when i search for files . please help me i dont know what to do.

  19. 0009000 says:

    I have downloaded the Mod Asian empires for Mount and blade warband, but i cant extract the files to C:/Program Files/Steam/steamapps/common/mountblade warband/Modules, it says that the compressed folders are unable to complete this directory, and that the path is not valid.

    What do i do?

  20. Rambol says:

    I installed the Magic mod but i got this error

    Unable to open file: CommonRes\costumes_a.brf

    Can someone help me please!!

  21. haha says:

    i put warband mods in modules but splash menu shows a dot and no pic when i select it says error file missing.

  22. haha says:

    please reply
    it says cant open file and on splash it says
    . (dot)
    .. (dot dot)

  23. sarpedeon says:

    ive followed the instructions like most people but when i put the LOTR mod in the modules folder but it still doesnt appear in the drop bar

  24. Dakotah says:

    i did everything you said, yet it dosn’t come up in the mount&blade menu. when i tryed extracting it it kept saying ‘must select one more more folders’ but i was selecting the folder. its the brytenwalda mod. so i think it might already be un-zipped. and i did everything else from there(i have steam) and yet it still dosnt pop up. i’ve been trying to get this to work for a month now and still no luck. would be awesome if you could somehow help me.

  25. maelos says:

    Ehm i dont find the folder with mount and blade warband stuff with modules….please help.

  26. mrclean465 says:

    ummm i did everything and still not playing blood in the west mod

  27. Bkb3 says:

    I cant find that folder

  28. MDS says:

    I downloaded the 1812 Mod and put it in the modules folder yet it won’t show up on the splash screen can someone help.

  29. Jedijimmy says:

    Thanks great how to vid!

  30. anonim says:

    i really need some help because all mount and blade warband mods do not work and it says that there are some missing files

  31. Sam says:

    I cant get it idk what to do really for some reason i get lost with the part were your supost to extract the folder idk if there is a way to just down load it with out the hassle if there is could some one tell me if there is

    • Ewan says:

      Download Winrar,
      Download the mod using Winrar
      Put the folder into your
      C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/mountblade warband/Modules

  32. Sam says:

    I have no clue what to do please help

  33. bab1921 says:

    when i moved it to the modules folder and went to play it did not show up i downloaded it but a dont know how to install

  34. NOINFO says:

    the file I have for some odd reason can not be extracted. Do you have any ideas why?

  35. CraigSlurgison says:

    I did all the steps but It didn’t appear in the dropdown box

  36. pleasehelp says:

    ive downloaded mount and gladius and ive done everything that u said but it didnt work when i when i touched the drop down box it wasent there

  37. Help says:

    On my computer there isn’t the program files (86)

  38. Calvin says:

    Hey, I downloaded the Floris Improved Mod Pack v0.4 and when I start M&B Warband I get this error message: Unable to open file: Modules/Floris Improved Mod Pack/mov_skeletons.brf.

    Urgently need help ๐Ÿ™

  39. rahma says:

    why i cant play mods blood in the west
    “unable to open file:commonRes/weapon_meshes_e.brf
    if you can help me you are a good man
    thank you

  40. help says:

    got diplomacy mod but it wont work it just says
    get_skeleton_anim failed for:equip_musket
    plz help

  41. Wowwowwoutty says:

    When I try to play a mod it says : unable to open file wb_mp_objects_a.brf
    I am using warband which I downloaded from amazon

  42. hey, i just downloaded Banner for MAB Warband, but i dont know where i must put it.. can you help me? when i put in Modules.. and try to play it, i search in ‘Current Module” and nothing.

  43. Ben says:

    I just downloaded Light @ Darkness Heroes of Caldria and placed it in the Modules folder with native but it doesn’t appear when i start Mount & Blade Warband. I think it is because when i extract it it doesn’t appear as a file but as an application. How do you make it a file?

  44. Bravo999 says:

    When i start playing the mod , it crashes on the loading screen , saying Runtime Error ( Microsoft C++…..) , is this familiar to you , and how should i fix it. This happens to every mod ,
    game version 1.154

  45. benj says:

    when i try loading it comes up with a rgl error unable to open file : modules\blood in the west\resource\body_meshes.brf how can i fix this?

  46. L0RDiBoY says:

    When i get to my steam folder it just comes up with ‘SteamService’

  47. Boblolz says:

    How do I get the thing to open up in 7zip

  48. Andrew says:

    when i open the mod it says unable to load sound files and the game closes

  49. iliekmudkipz says:

    Ok, so I’ve done all the steps. Ran Warband, selected Blood in the West mod, and played. An issue came up; Unable to open file: Modules\Blood in the West\Resource\body_meshes.brf
    When I looked in the folder body_meshes.brf wasn’t there. I don’t know if it supposed to be there. Please help, someone. This is my first mod install.

  50. liam says:

    please help, i downloaded blood in the north and when its half way through loading it stops and shuts it down and a message comes up saying ‘unable to open file: modules/blood in the west/resources/body-meshes.brf’ please help me, ive been trying to get a mod working for atleast 4 hours…

  51. Robert says:

    When I go into my computer and I paste C:/Program Files/Mount and Blade Warband/Modules, it doesn’t work with
    C:/Program Files/TaleWorlds/Mount and Blade Warband/Modules either please help!!!!

  52. Jordan says:

    No module folder..

  53. Reuben says:

    Hi, when i try to drag the mod i’m tring to install into the moduls folder it doesn’t work, the mod is in the moduls folder but i can’t play the mod plz help

  54. GamestopAppHelp!!1 says:

    I got the set up for floris mod up but i need toselect where to download the folder. Help?

  55. Shnap644 says:

    I am downloading the Game of thrones mod for it but I need to know if I am supposed to remove the native folder before I play or do I just leave it in with the mod? im a new time modder so Im not great at this yet ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks

  56. ethan says:

    whem i go to the warband file there’s no modules map. I tried just putting it in there put that doesn’t work. please help I really want to play M&B with mods

  57. Deamonty says:

    I can’t do this because I don’t even have a modules file.

  58. NATHAN says:


  59. Zrybnik says:

    when i try to play an error pops up saying unable to open file: Modules\ACOK1.11\Resource\min_env_materials.brf

  60. JaniX says:

    Hi guys! I had the same problem with brf files. But I got past that by updating the game! I had 1.1v and updated to 1.143v! So Update the game and you will get the missing brf files! Have a nice day =)

  61. JaniX says:

    still get some missing .brf files but some mods work. Is there a newer patch out maybe?

  62. Scyhell says:

    For those who can’t find the Modules folder containing the Native folder, look for this C:\Program Files (x86)\Paradox Interactive\Mount and Blade Warband. You should find it there. Took me an hour to find that they didn’t post the right route.

  63. Steffan says:

    Did everything the same but when I pasted over there was no name in the drop down bar.

  64. Fatguy9000 says:

    I want to add more item only mods(armor and wepons) to the game but I don’t know how to and no one has explained how to plz help.

  65. bradybobh says:

    Help, When i download my second mod, It won’t show up
    (Incase the won’t show up is gone i added this)

  66. sss says:

    I dont have a modules folder

  67. Andrey says:

    I tried to download Warsword Conquest,opened that but when i click Start a game it gave runtime error

  68. Ninja1234 says:

    Help please. Right now, I have finished downloading the mod Full Invasion 2. I put inside my modules folder (for Mount and Blade Warband). When I tried to play the game, it would load for a while, but then it would stop. I waited for about 10 minutes and it was still like that. What should I do? Please reply back as soon as possible.

    • Ninja1234 says:

      Also, I have another question. If I played Full Invasion 2 and I don’t have Steam, will/can I still play with people who play Full Invasion 2 who have Steam? (Please answer both questions)

  69. JamesMac says:

    Hello I installed Warsword for M&B warband and the bug fix for the mac. I was wondering why I can’t hit dwarves, WOC, Trolls and orcs. PLEASE HELP!!

  70. Mr.SheepMan says:

    it says that the modules file cant be found pls help. i know that my computer is ancient, like im pretty sure that dinosaurs used to play on my computer but pls help anyway. my ancient computer: Windows XP ๐Ÿ™

  71. fadel says:


  72. Sabre says:

    My error message says Unable to open file:
    What am I supposed to do?

  73. Khan says:

    I cant get any mods to work, they would load then quit out saying could not open commonRes costumes_a.brt or objects_a.btr I go to the folder where it says and cannot find the file if anybody knows how to fix this please tell me.

  74. Grant says:

    Whenever i download a mod its a Internet logo instead of the mod logo??

  75. Potroast says:

    I try to play L’aigle 1.4 but it always
    says this:Unable to to open file:Modules/laiglever1p4/Resouce/napo_textures.brf

  76. Scottie says:

    So ive dowloaded acok3.0 ive done this before yet when i go to open my game and change modules it doesnt show any there other than native

  77. Niall says:

    I have done everything that was needed to play my mod from extracting the files to copying and pasting them into the modules. But, when I open up Mount and Blade the mod doesn’t appear as an option when I drop down the the list of modules.
    Mod: The Last Days of The Third Age

    Any advise would be appreciated,


    I’m on windows 10, and trying to install a mod, but when I do all of the steps, nothing happens.

  79. Alex Ludwig says:

    Hey, I’m on Windows 10. I’m trying to install my first mod, but after I download the zip file, unzip, move the file to modules inside the warband file, but when I open the warband launcher it still only has native. I’ve tried restarting my computer, but the issue still persists. Thanks!

  80. note says:

    Bonjour moi j’ai installรฉ le mod 16th_Century_the_Northern_Hemisphere et il me met Unable to open file : 16 th-century -the-northen -Hemisphere – Ressource/map-tree-meshes. brf

  81. Key says:

    Hi, Im not sure if people are still helping out in the comment section on this site but Ive been having a problem for the longest. I’ve been downloading mods and stuff and Ive played Floris and the Prophecy of Pendor. Both work fine, but when I try to start other mods like ACOK, Perison or whatever it’s called and the Lord of the Rings mod they’ll get to the menu screen just fine. But as soon as I click the play button. It’ll load for a few seconds then this lil window will pop up saying Runtime Error. After that the entire app closes. I’ve really wanted to play ACOK or Perison, could any1 help me figure it out? Also, Im going to throw something else in. I looked up other details relating to runtime errors for mount and blade and one of the reasons says that it mostly occurs when you install an unofficial version of MBW. Which, yes I did. But I figured that couldnt be the problem bcuz I’ve never recieved runtime errors for Floris and Prophecy of Pendor.

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